Affairs of the Heart (4): Wave of LoveWatch now (1 min) | Together the heart and diaphragm unite through coherent breathing and create a wave of perfect harmony felt throughout the body.
Is the respiratory diaphragm a good partner for the 'heart? Will it pass the sniff test? Will it return the heart's love with joy?

February 2023

The dance of the 'diaphragms' (there is more than one) makes the 'heart' sing.
Affairs of the Heart (1): DiaphragmWatch now (1 min) | The 'heart' is in love with the 'diaphragm'. Come, meet the diaphragm.

January 2023

With core strength and overflowing exuberance.

December 2022

Christmas is right around the corner. Open your heart and spread your wings. It is that time of year for snow, fun and good cheer.
Give yourself the gift of self-relaxation through Autogenic Training.

November 2022

Each breath provides an opportunity to briefly pause.
"Look waaaaay up" the Friendly Giant would say at the beginning of a popular 1950s to 1980s children's show aired on CBC Television.

October 2022

crabbingWatch now (34 sec) | Went beachcombing at Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park, BC, Canada. Didn't find any crabs but it was fun becoming one!
Like a lighthouse, we each contain light and can beam it out.

September 2022

Home Away From HomeWatch now (59 sec) | Your body is your home. Make your home where ever you are by using HOUSE POSE.