What is “Explore Movement & Discover Amazing YOU”?

by Barb, A Yoga Guide

A place to be guided into a short 5 minute focused movement exploration;

  1. sense how it feels in your body;

  2. bring into your everyday living; and

  3. use the cues in your yoga practice.

In the process, you will discover amazing within you. Our bodies are very beautifully and incredibly designed to move in multiple ways and on multiple planes. Deepen your wonder and gratitude for your body that you live in 24/7 by exploring movement at your convenience.

Why subscribe?

We, as a society, are losing our movement capabilities. We have become so technically creative that we have outsourced too much of our everyday movement to cars, chairs, dishwashers, power tools, computers, to name a few.

Need more reasons?

  • It is time to reclaim my movement back.

  • I wish to move well to the end of my days.

  • Learn more aligned and harmonious movement.

  • To be able to move on this earth is a gift I want to honour.

  • Some other reason . . . like why not?

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(the Light in me honors the Light in you)

keep moving; keep healthy
    movement is our birthright 
        we have been given two legs
             walk, run, dance, leap, hop, squat
                    be in AWE you can move forward

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Disclaimer: Be safe, know your limits and move wisely without causing harm to yourself. Information provided in this newsletter is for you to explore and discover how your body works. It is not to diagnose any medical condition. Please consult with a physician or physiotherapist if you have concerns.

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A writer, yoga instructor, and everyday person who is exploring seeing the world as one interconnected whole through body movement, mindful focus and spiritual compassion.