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Ironically in order to hang well, first ground your feet & legs then centre to stabilize in your core. From here you will feel 'lightness' as you lift…
Give your heart and blood circulation a leg up and rest your legs up against a wall or on a chair.
Yoga poses invite us to explore being different people, objects or animals. It is a type of playing. And they can help us imagine the world anew.
Wildfires, as scary as they are, transform and revitalize the landscape. Stimulate the fire within your belly to digest (transform) food into…
Your smile is your inner superpower to feeling like a million bucks everyday.
Hanging OutWatch now (13 sec) | It is summertime! Challenge your staff pose while hanging out in the playground or perhaps on your outside lounger.
One definition of 'footloose' is having no ties; free to move about.
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