There is power in our heart. Science is beginning to uncover the heart’s secret that mystics and saints have known for centuries.

The Basic Practice - heart brain coherence meditation

this practice comes from the HeartMath Institute and as shared by Gregg Braden1

posture set-up:

  • Choose what is comfortable for you in the moment:

    • sitting with a tall aligned spine, can be supported

    • lying down; recommend constructive rest

    • standing

    • squatting

heart brain coherence meditation

slow down your breathing
  • place hands on the belly, breathing gently into your belly

    • inhale belly rises

    • exhale belly falls

  • allow your breath to naturally slow down with each subsequent breath

    • this signals to your nervous system that you are safe

  • breathe in and out through the nose

    • (option) inhale through nose and exhale with a soft hum or a soft blowing out to help lengthen the exhale

  • try counting to five on the inhale and counting to five on the exhale, if possible

    • this gives you about 5 to 6 breaths per minute which is the ideal breathing pattern to establish coherence

    • (note: during normal activity we are breathing 12 breaths per minute)

  • keep the breath soft, slow and rhythmic

    • really sense into this gentle wave of in and out flow of the breath

focus breathing in and out of heart centre
  • continue with soft, slow, rhythmic breathing

  • bring attention to your heart

    • place hands in prayer or

    • have fingers touch heart or

    • feel a pendant touching your heart

  • imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart/chest area

activate a loving feeling
  • generate one or a combination of the following feelings:

    • appreciation

    • gratitude

    • care

    • compassion

  • these feelings can be for someone, something and/or even yourself

  • be with these feelings for at least 3 minutes

  • leave the practice feeling nurtured inside and out

Explore the Movement - the feeling

  • The power of this practice is in “feeling the feeling”.

  • Explore with all your senses the feeling of love.

    • What does love look like? colour? curvy?

    • What does love sound like? cadence, rhythm?

    • What does love smell like? perfume?

    • How does love touch your skin? the inside of you? texture?

    • Can one taste love?

    • How do you energetically know you are in the presence of love?

  • Feel it begin in your heart and radiate outwards.

    • Can you radiate it forward? behind you? to the left? to the right? above? below?

Everyday Living

The beauty of this practice - you don’t need to be anywhere special. And within three minutes you will generate positive effects within your mind, body and heart that will last for several hours.

Yoga Practice

Experiment with using the heart brain coherence meditation when opening your yoga practice.

Discover Amazing

We all have this amazing powerful heart-felt gift inside us. Discover it yourself.

  • Use it to reduce a stressful moment.

  • When you want to perform at your best.

  • Before entering somewhere to feel positive, focused, calm and energized.

  • To access creativity, intuition and higher-level decision making.2


(the Light in me honors the Light in you)

keep moving; keep healthy
    movement is our birthright 
        we have been given two legs
             walk, run, dance, leap, hop, skip
                    be in AWE you can move forward
Disclaimer: Be safe, know your limits and move wisely without causing harm to yourself. Information provided in this newsletter is for you to explore and discover how your body works. It is not to diagnose any medical condition. Please consult with a physician or physiotherapist if you have concerns

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Gregg Braden YouTube, go to minute 10 to hear his guided instructions

HeartMath quick coherence technique

more guidance can be found here: https://www.gaiameditation.com/heart-coherence/