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Went beachcombing at Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park, BC, Canada. Didn't find any crabs but it was fun becoming one!

So if it does not work so well on the first try, don’t be put off and try again.

The Basic Practice - crab (hip lifts)

respect your limits, modify where needed

posture set-up:

  • come to sitting on the floor

    • knees bent, feet flat and hip width apart

  • or use a chair


  • place hands behind you

  • fingers spread and pointing toward your body

    • or make fists (easier on wrists)

chin tuck

  • exhale and nod the chin down to your chest

  • keep spine straight with natural curves

lift hips

  • press hands and feet into the floor

  • inhale and lift hips until in line with shoulders

hold & breathe

  • at top of lift, isometrically drag feet and hands together

    • this engages the hamstrings (back of thighs) and buttocks (glutes)

CAUTION: avoid using quads (tops of thighs); the focus here is on building hamstring strength

  • keep chin tucked and look down front of your body

    • or if strong in the neck, let your head go back and gaze skyward

  • breathe, breathe, breathe

lower and then repeat

  • exhale and lower hips down

  • give it another 4 to 10 tries

Explore the Movement - can-can kick

  • try out a little can-can kick with hips raised

Yoga Practice

Use this pose to help build up your hamstrings (backs of thighs) and glutes (buttocks). The intention is to have the hip extended via the hamstrings and glutes (not the quads). This pose is also good for building wrist strength and opening tight shoulders and chests.

This movement has a few different names in yoga like:

  • ‘reverse tabletop’

  • ‘half upward plank’ (Ardha Purvottanasana)

  • ‘four-footed tabletop’ (Chatus Pada Pitham)

Everyday Living

We sit too much and consequently our buttocks fall asleep. We have a back body. Anything we can do to wake-up our glutes along with the hamstrings is good. This builds better balance and stronger walking stride.

Discover Amazing

Crabs are amazing creatures and have been around 450 millions years. They can live up to 100 years! Discover more about crabs from BBC Earth Kids.1 As for us, know that every time we come back to trying out the crab pose (hip lift) we can get better, stronger and faster. 👍


(the Light in me honors the Light in you)

keep healthy, keep moving

        crab around 

              live with a smile, be a big kid

My sister, Anita Lofgren, for filming at Rathtrevor Park.
My husband, Norm Ritter, for taking above photos.        

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video from BBC Earth Kids

Explore Movement & Discover Amazing YOU
Explore Movement & Discover Amazing YOU
Barbara L Ritter